Protecting and enhancing your built environment



For individuals, businesses and corporations our buildings are often the most expensive asset we own and yet possibly the one we think the least about keeping clean. Whilst most homes, offices, shops and restaurants are cleaned internally weekly or possibly daily, how often is the exterior or façade considered? This, after all, is the part that we can’t easily replace as we can fixtures and fittings.

Look around and it’s fairly easy to quickly see what we mean. On private houses and flats relatively new constructions can often soon become aged. For businesses, that professional image portrayed in corporate literature and web sites often isn’t reflected in the operational premises.

An understanding that many common building materials used today are porous will assist in providing an insight into why some can fairly quickly become dirty and stained, in the process losing the original design intent. Brick, stone, concrete and wood are the most porous of all building materials and of course they are the most popular even in modern contemporary architecture. Along with absorbing water these materials also allow dirt and natural pollutants to ingress the surface. Different environments produce different results, rural areas the growth of natural algae, built up areas a blacking of the surface.

Construction Synergies specialises in both cleaning and protecting porous building materials ensuring your one of your most valuable assets always looks its best.